Infrequent assessments or self-assessments of an organization's networks, systems and information are common practice. Unfortunately, those internal individuals tasked with these security assessments often have additional responsibilities and don't necessarily have the latest and greatest technical tools and subject matter expertise to determine real threats that could negatively affect your business. This can cause issues and/or delays in an organization's ability to effectively and efficiently address gaps.

Silver Parachute has the technical toolsets and subject matter expertise to understand the many different layers of risks that your business faces and can help you effectively and efficiently assess these risks and remediate gaps.


» Cloud Risk Assessment
» Penetration Testing
» Physical Security Assessment
» Social Engineering
» Vulnerability Assessment
» Web Application Assessment
» Wireless Security Assessment
» APT Assessment

Often times, an organization simply doesn't have the requisite talent on staff to adequately manage risk. There are times when new projects pop up, turnover occurs, someone takes a leave of absence, or you simply want to outsource a security related role. Silver Parachute can provide the talent you need to address these types of gaps.


» Strategic/Executive Residency – Provides C-Level security leadership to fill gaps in executive management, guide operations or manage strategic initiatives.
» Tactical/Program Residency – Provides specialized security program and project managers to ensure security projects are effectively managed, work with mid-level management to drive tactical projects, and supervise security teams.
» Technical/Operational Residency – Provides proficiency and skills necessary to administer, maintain, monitor and/or review security operations.

Silver Parachute can help you navigate and successfully address your compliance requirements and prepare for any future audit. We have expertise in assisting customers in a variety of industries with numerous legal and regulatory compliance initiatives.

We can also implement a Compliance Management System that addresses one or all of your compliance initiatives under one cohesive framework, making it much easier to address compliance requirements both today and in the future.


» Compliance Management Systems (overarches all compliance requirements)
» ISO 27001 Certification or Conformance
» PCI Compliance
» HIPAA/HITECH Compliance
» GLBA Compliance
» NERC/CIP Compliance
» FISMA Compliance
» SOX Compliance

Security is listed as the top concern and the number one barrier to adoption of Cloud services amongst organizations (Source: Cloud Security Alliance).

Regardless of how your business plans to leverage Cloud Computing, Silver Parachute can help you do so securely.


» Cloud Security Management Systems (CSMS)
» Cloud Security Strategic Consulting
» Cloud Risk Assessment
» Cloud Security Architecture & Design